I am Branching into Life Celebrations & Funerals


As an experienced celebrant, I embrace authentic, meaningful and family led farewells.

I will be specialising in creative family led Life Celebrations that pay meaningful tribute to the life of the person who has passed. I believe life celebrations are a golden opportunity to gather everyone to assist moving through grief together. I will create a space for people to feel. A space where stories are told and shared, and a place to honour the profound significance of a life.

The content and design of life celebrations can be so powerful. They provide us with a rare opportunity to consider the rich legacy and wisdom that has been left behind, and they can help family and friends to find inspiration for the future.

I have been accredited by a wonderful elder on Death and Dying, Zenith Virago, through Natural Death Care Centre.

My services are aligned with a holistic company called Exequias Funerals. Exequias is translated from Spanish as Ode to funeral.
This is an allied team of professionals who are doing great things in the Death positive movement both in Australia and New Zealand. Bringing creative options to Funerals is what they do best.

When creating their Ceremony experiences, Exequias believe in the importance of working closely with family and friends to understand what is needed for the occasion and tailoring to this specifically.

Exequias sees Ceremonies not just as a farewell but as a significant turning point and re-union opportunity for people and their lives ahead. The best and most inspiring memories of the departed are attended to and carried into a personalised life event.

Please make contact with the team - Exequias