Life Celebrations & Funerals

My ceremonies pay meaningful tribute to the life of the person who has passed.

Funerals are a golden opportunity for everyone to move through grief together. I create a space for people to feel and be with what is, and hopefully after the ceremony is over, they feel a bit better than how they did when they arrived.

With all the sadness, there is a powerful and rare opportunity to consider the legacy and wisdom that has been left behind, and these things can help family and friends to find inspiration for the future.


I have been accredited by a wonderful elder on Death and Dying, Zenith Virago, through Natural Death Care Centre.

My services are aligned with a wonderful company called Rite of Passage Funerals who specialise in creating unforgettable funerals and; end-of-life events. From cremations and burials, to living wakes, bedside vigils and memorial services, their unique approach to end-of-life makes them... different.

Their fresh perspective on funerals is an advantage. They are not bound by tradition or etiquette, ‘rules’ or big overheads that can get in the way of planning creative and affordable end-of-life events.

Instead, they work in partnership with families to rethink the paradigm of what a funeral looks like and draw on a collection of trusted suppliers and vendors to make that vision a reality. Why? Because they truly, wholeheartedly believe that honouring a person’s life is one of, if not the most, important ways to validate their life; their legacy. It’s also a crucial step in your own healing journey as well.


“We met Susie in the most darkest of days. We had lost our newborn baby days prior, and found ourselves in a place we didn’t want to be. Planning our baby’s funeral, wasn’t how it was supposed to be. The thought of it was crippling. But then we met Susie.

Susie brought so much love and care into planning our little girl’s farewell. She brought in a team of people who made our ceremony by the beach simply perfect. Susie listened to our stories, our beliefs and our wishes and was able to translate into the most heartfelt ceremony. She took us on a journey to remember and celebrate Elke’s short little life, and managed to leave everyone feeling a little bit better than when they arrived.

Susie is a truly beautiful soul and we will be forever grateful that we found her. We trusted Susie implicitly to create a ceremony that honoured the love we had for our baby girl. She managed to turn the most tragic of events, into a day that will be forever etched into our memory as a day full of love and hope.

Thank you Susie, we owe you so much."

Emma & Leon Bowes