“Our ceremony ran so smoothly with Susie’s calm down-to-earth nature. She was so in-tune with us and created the exact style of ceremony we were after.  A magic find!” 
Edwina and Richard


"Susie, approached our ceremony as if she was part of our family, giving support and great creative inspiration. It brought a wonderful mix of tears and laughter to us and our guests"
Gillian and allan


"Susie did such an amazing job. The number of people we had commenting on how perfect it was for us is testament to her skills"
Paul and Sheree

I live with my family, a short bike ride away from South Golden Beach (just north of Byron Bay). I’m a health-conscious, sunshine-loving truth seeker and I LOVE nature, dancing, camping, travelling and adventures of all kinds. I also love Margaritas, Earl Grey tea and laughing in unison with anyone, anytime. It brings me great joy to help shape and share in these wonderful marriage moments with lovely people in beautiful places sharing happy tears and smiling faces.

I love reverent and magical ceremonies, and equally love working with couples who want to keep it simple, light-hearted and fun. Whatever your flavour, my ceremony will ring true for you and your tribe. I'll help you to really be in the moment with each other, and I won’t steal the limelight, rather I’ll reflect the light on your love and your vibe.


Marriage means different things to everyone, so our journey of connection before your wedding allows me to learn about what makes you tick, what you love about each other, your hopes, your humour, and your future dreams.  Then I weave it all together in a writing process that doesn’t stop until it’s perfect for you.

One value I do like to encourage is a sense of realism, rather than idealism. I think this is a way to acknowledge the ‘humanness' in all of us, and not set up an expectation of marriage perfection.  After all, love will always have its challenges and ebbs and flows. It’s about what you do in the marriage that will make it a success.

When it comes to your Vows, I guide you through a process to help you clarify the life you want to share, then I ask you to list the things you need to promise each other to have this life together.   My advice is to keep your Vows authentic, don’t use clichés, and embrace them as a useful blueprint for your life together.  In the ceremony, I like to encourage a hand, heart-eye connection between you both, with me prompting your vows (off mic).  In my experience, this works better than asking you to juggle a Vow card and microphone with all the emotions happening in this moment.