Tropical Festival of Lurve @ Secret Garden

It was lush tropical vibes at this super fun wedding.. and the Grooms simile was Golden. The rain just before the ceremony created a grey backdrop that made all the bright colors really pop.

I loved getting to know Helen and Andy who moved from England together and established a new life in Sydney. With a fabulous fun and supportive connection, they shared lots of juicy funny information about themselves for me to work with in writing their ceremony. In this relationship it was Andy who was chomping at the bit to become a Dad… which we referenced a few times to waves of laughter from their friends and family…apparently It was quite a thing.. and it was so great to hear Helen in her Vows, say that she was finally ready to embrace parenthood with him.

Super fun, lush tropical bridesmaid vibes.. not matching but so beautiful together!
Perfectly complimenting the colorful people who were getting married.
I like supporting my couples when they say their Vows by prompting them quietly.. line by line (off mic), and then holding the mic for them to speak into.
Why? My main reason for this is so they can hold hands and look deep into each other’s eyes … physically and visually connected when they say those words.
The alternative? In my experience when couples are left to read their vows and handle the mic themselves, I don’t believe they connect as much. They are busy reading their vow cards and holding the mic.. so they don’t tend to look at each other as much and probably won’t have any physical contact either. .
Of course it’s all personal preference and I know other celebrants (who I fully respect) prefer to do it the other way… but in my mind it’s all about the heart, eye and hand connection in that moment.


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